Why do you want to learn English? How much English do you already understand? All our students are different. Some want to learn English to study or for work, others need it for social reasons. Some of our students are new to English, others can speak but not write it. Some just want to improve their pronunciation.

We like to give our students what they want or need so our courses are flexible. How long your course takes will depend on you. Courses start on a Monday throughout the year. They can last anything from one week to a whole year. You don’t have to take exams if you don’t want to. However if you do want a qualification we can arrange it at an additional fee. Some people just want to practice their English in conversation classes.

When you come to the college we will ask you to do a placement test. This will allow us to work out your level so we can put you in the right class. You progress to the next class when you reach that level, it doesn’t matter how many weeks you have been studying.

We offer courses in the day time and evening. See the information sheets about each course to find out more. Timetables change all the time so do contact us to find out when the course you are interested in is running.